Dance Fitness Classes & Styles

Life’s too busy for boring workouts. Body-blasting music mixes with 60 minutes of sweating, smiling, and laughing through Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing moves. This is the new Jazzercise. Find a class
A circuit workout that fuses cardio pumping dance with muscle mania. The best of both worlds in a total body workout that flies by! Find a class
Core rocks it…to your core! Cardio with a crunching core focus and the class ends with mega muscles that tone and tighten. Find a class
STRIKE hits cardio and muscles hard. Jab and kick your way through sweaty, pumping music mixes that end with a muscle blast. Find a class
Fire up the muscles—all of them—in this 45 minute muscles-only body toning workout. Find a class
All muscle—all the time. A full hour of fat-burning, muscle-building and balance work. Burn baby, burn! Find a class
Need to get fit QUICK? Express is your ticket! A shorter, 30-minute version of the body-blasting original. Find a class
A take on the original, just drop the hop. Pumping cardio and strength, with a focus on power moves that don’t require bouncing to the moon. Keep your feet on the ground with this challenging non-hopping calorie-burner. Find a class
A more Zen version of original Jazzercise, with cardio and muscles…on the lighter side of the menu. Find a class
Kick your workout up a notch! These small group weight training and body sculpting fitness classes are designed to improve strength and tone muscles. Find a class
Kids ages 6 to 11 experience the joy of physical movement as they dance their way through specially choreographed age-appropriate routines to today’s most popular music. Find a class