Application Process

Franchised Instructor Application

  • Complete Franchised Instructor Application - Complete the Franchised Instructor Application and submit it to the district manager in your area 10 weeks prior to workshop.
    (Notice: Adobe Acrobat Reader version XI or higher is required to complete the application)
    1. Download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader from
    2. Fill out the application form and save it to your computer.
    3. Email the completed application form to the district manager.
  • Attend Movement Screening - As an applicant to start a franchise, you must demonstrate appropriate leadership and movement skills to a district manager or his/her representative during a movement screening. Please contact the district manager for your area to attend a workshop screening.
  • Receive CPR Certification - After passing the movement screening, you will need to submit proof of CPR certification (or intent to become CPR certified prior to the workshop date) to the district manager.
  • Schedule a Workshop - After submitting CPR certification (or intent to become CPR certified prior to the workshop date) to the district manager, you will be scheduled to attend a workshop.
  • Review Franchise Agreement and Offering Circular - You will receive a Franchise Agreement and Offering Circular from Jazzercise, Inc. specific to your state or country approximately six weeks prior to your scheduled workshop date. After reading and carefully reviewing the Franchise Agreement, submit your signed original to Jazzercise Inc. 4861 W. 134th St. Suite B Leawood, KS 66209.
  • Study Training Materials - After submitting your completed Franchise Agreement and approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the workshop date, you will be mailed training materials, including training and choreography videos, choreography notes and music, and a fitness resource book to help you open a franchise.
  • Prepare for and Attend the Workshop - You must review the materials, prepare for the workshop, and learn several Jazzercise routines, some of which you will present during a practical exam. The workshop trainer in your area may offer optional practice sessions.
  • U.S. Trainees - will receive an e-mail invitation to take the required Health and Fitness exam prior to workshop. The online exam must be successfully completed at least seven days prior to the workshop audition.
  • Receive Certification - Upon passing the practical exam and completing the entire workshop, you become a franchisee and certified Jazzercise Instructor and are ready to start a franchise.