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April 02, 2014
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Jazzercise Offers Five New Targeted Total Body Workouts
New Fusion, Strike, Core, Strength45 and Strength60 fitness classes add variety for real results
Carlsbad, Calif. (April 2, 2014) ─ Variety is something we crave, especially in our workouts. Adding new elements to an exercise program helps break through plateaus, challenges our bodies and minds, and keeps us coming back for more. Jazzercise, Inc. has introduced five new highly targeted fitness classes including Fusion, Strike, Core, Strength45 and Strength60. With these offerings customers can experience Jazzercise in a whole new way.
The new classes offer the perfect blend of fitness and fun for a high intensity dance-based workout:
  • Fusion—fuse cardio with strength training for maximum fat burn in this circuit-based high intensity interval training class
  • Strike—build lean muscle and knock out workday stress with this dance-based kickboxing workout
  • Core—tone and chisel your core with this highly targeted cardio and strength training session 
  • Strength45—sculpt and tone the primary muscle groups for a total body burn
  • Strength60—take body sculpting to the next level with hard core strength training for maximum muscle fatigue
“This year marks the 45th anniversary of Jazzercise,” said Judi Sheppard Missett, founder and CEO of Jazzercise. “Variety and innovation have been at the heart of our program since its inception. Every ten weeks we introduce new choreography and music sets to keep our workouts fresh for members and instructors alike. Adding new specialized Fusion, Strike, Core, Strength45 and Strength60 classes to the mix makes it easier than ever to stay motivated, challenged and fit with Jazzercise.”
With Jazzercise you can burn up to 600 calories in one 60 minute class. The high intensity dance-based fitness program features cardio, kickboxing, power yoga, strength training and chart-topping music. While most customers come for the fun, they stay because Jazzercise provides a highly effective total body workout plus a sense of community and personalized support. According to our members, benefits include increased weight loss, core strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, stress release and a mood boosting endorphin rush.
Jazzercise is an international dance fitness franchise business hosting 7,800+ franchisees teaching 32,000+ classes per week in 32 countries. Class offerings vary by location. To find local classes go to or download our mobile app: iOS or Android. For more information visit or contact (800)FIT-IS-IT.