Winter Workout Motivation

The recent record low temperatures sweeping the nation may make us want to do nothing more than curl up on the couch with a cup of hot coco, but staying motivated with an exercise routine throughout the harsh winter months will help keep you on course with your fitness goals for spring.


How to stay motivated during cold weather:

Pick simple routines: Run near your home, or if you’re snowed in, sweat it out to one of our home dance workout DVDs in the comfort of your own living room. You can also complete our at-home mini workout we’ve put together for you below!

Create a mini challenge: Set an attainable goal for yourself like running for one mile, planking for one minute, or completing one home dance workout DVD (even if it’s the same one!) every day for the next month straight.

Track it: Write down or use a mobile app to help you visualize, plan and commit to a customized exercise regimen. Doing so helps keeps you accountable while marking your progress. Reward yourself with something small each time you meet a goal!

Update your playlist: There’s nothing like a compilation of your favorite energizing songs to get you going! Need new music ideas? Check out some of the hottest hits we’ve been dancing to lately!

Plan to participate: Sign up for a charity walk or run that’s scheduled for spring that requires you to start getting on track with your fitness now.  Nothing beats getting in shape for a cause!


At-home mini workout:

Warm up stretch:
Downward dog- 30 seconds (How to do a downward dog)
20 overheard presses
20 bicep curls
25 triceps kickbacks  ( How to do a triceps kickback)
20 squats
20 forward lunges
25 kickboxing sidekicks (How to do a kickboxing sidekick)
30 crunches
Plank- hold for 30 seconds
Right side plank- hold for 30 seconds (How to do a side plank)
Left side plank- hold for 30 seconds
Stretch/cool down:
Downward dog- 30 seconds 
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