Posture Alignment Tips

These tips have been gathered to help properly prepare you for class. Jazzercise recommends that you consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.

General Recommendations
DO modify or slow down movements when you have trouble maintaining correct posture. Work toward improvement.
DO make movements as large and controlled as possible. Lift torso tall, relax shoulders, and extend arms and legs fully.
DO hold abdominal muscles firmly throughout class for proper posture and back support.
DON'T lock knees and/or tilt pelvis. Hold hips and torso firmly in alignment to prevent arching or rounding back.
DON'T compete with anyone in class.
DO keep head and neck movements moderate, especially while warming up.
Standing Routines

DO align head with spine, unless directed otherwise for a specific movement.
DO keep shoulders down and arms by ears when stretching arms overhead.
DO rotate legs so that knees and feet face the direction your body faces.
DO align knees over toes in plié and lunge positions.
DON'T release hips backward or slouch in plié.
DON'T lower hips below knees when in a plié or lunge.
DO align feet, ankles and shins, keeping all the toes on the floor when supporting weight.
DON'T allow ankles to roll inward or outward.
DO land gently on the balls of the feet, with knees slightly bent, then lower entire foot to floor.
DO keep correct alignment for safety and effectiveness.
DO slightly relax elbows to avoid locking them. Relax shoulders, align hands with shoulders, and hold abdominal muscles to support back.
DON'T keep working if your muscle burns. Rest, then continue.
DO maintain alignment of body from head to toe.
DON'T lift the working leg above horizontal.
DO press shoulders down and place hands under lower back for support when sitting back.
DO press lower back into floor during sit-ups and single leg lifts. Relax shoulders and keep eyes up.
DON'T allow lower back to arch upward while you lie with bent knees.
Don't pull on head and neck.
DO relax shoulders and neck when moving head, arms, and upper torso.
DON'T tense shoulders upward or push chin forward.
DON'T allow wrists to break. Don't grip too hard or too loosely.
DON'T swing weights.
DO hold wrist straight. Grip weight firmly.
DO move slowly and with control.
DO support torso and maintain a neutral spine.
DON'T bend from waist or round back in a “hunched-over” position.

DON'T bounce or jerk while stretching. Exercise tips advocate that you never force a stretch; just relax and breathe deeply. Let gravity lower you comfortably.