Beat the Holiday Bulge

With the holidays in full swing, it's not at all uncommon for people to cheat, or even all together ditch their diets during this time of year in which there's amazing food everywhere! With all the parties taking place, no one wants to be the lone party pooper in the corner munching on celery sticks and sipping vitamin water while everyone else is merrily eating chocolate chip cookies and sipping eggnog. The good news is that you can still revel in all the festivities of the season without your waistline having to suffer!

Tips for healthy holiday indulgence:

Move after a meal: We all know the cozy feeling that creeps over us after a huge holiday meal. Keep your metablosim stimulated by helping clear dishes, getting drinks for everyone, or going for a brisk walk.

Snack wisely: Muching on healthy choices like fruits, nuts, and veggies throughout the day will ensure you don't end up over-consuming when you sit down for that big meal later on in the evening.

Avoid sugar on an empty stomach: The empty calories in sweets don't fill us up like protein and fiber-packed foods do, so we tend to eat more of them. The best way to indulge in dessert is after a meal.

Sample everything: Eating to avoid overindulgence may seem counterintuive, but in the interest of participating in the holiday cheerand preserving your willpowerit's best to indulge in small portions of all the delectable delights rather than avoid them all together.

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