Going Vegetarian

(CARLSBAD, CA) – So, you think you want to go vegetarian. Perhaps you’ve heard about the dangers of eating too much red meat. Maybe you’re setting a resolution to diet on fruits and veggies. Or it could be that your co-worker with the killer body has convinced you that going vegetarian is the ultimate key to weight-loss success.

Whatever your reasoning, there are a few guidelines that should be followed when going vegetarian. Jazzercise Founder and CEO Judi Sheppard Missett makes these suggestions for new or would-be vegetarians for optimal health as you experiment with your new eating regimen.

  1. Put Veggies First – If you’re going vegetarian, then veggies should be the star of the show. One of the biggest dangers in the vegetarian diet is loading up on refined carbohydrates, such as pasta and bread, which are low in fiber and high in empty calories. So, if you choose to go vegetarian, make sure that you actually put fruits and vegetables – not refined carbs - at the top of your menu.
  2. Be Adventurous – Don’t stick to one or two vegetables. Not only will you get bored, but you’ll also be losing key vitamins and minerals. Be careful about eating too many starchy foods, such as corn and potatoes. Instead, opt for bright-colored veggies.
  3. Pump Some Iron – Without meat in your diet, you risk iron deficiency. Eat plenty of lentils, beans, and dark leafy vegetables. Also, remember that plant proteins are not as easily absorbed into the body as animal proteins. That means that you’ll probably need to eat a larger quantity to get the same benefit.
  4. Start Small – Don’t buy a cartload of new foods on your first week of the vegetarian diet. Instead, start with a few foods at a time, to learn what you like.
  5. Drink Water – The vegetarian diet typically has more fiber (or bulk), which means you’ll need to drink plenty of fluids to keep it moving through your digestive system.

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