Stay Calm Through The Holidays

The pressure of the holidays can be overwhelming. Turning your home into a Norman Rockwell painting, buying gifts, accommodating family and making a dinner worthy of Martha Stewart can leave you stressed and depleted.
Although a luxurious spa treatment is definitely relaxing, there are simple techniques that don’t take time or money. Jazzercise Founder and CEO Judi Sheppard Missett says mental calisthenics can unwind your mind and leave you strong enough to weather any condition with grace and ease. 
Just Breathe
If you are rushed at work or stuck in traffic, let go of your “to do” thoughts and focus on your breath. When we’re stressed, we take quick, shallow breaths. Take a slow, deep breath in, push your belly out, and languish at the pause. Slowly exhale. You’ll feel your body and mind unwind with each cycle. 
Be Present
It’s easy to let tasks, errands and work blind us to the beauty that’s all around. Let your senses feast on the sensations of the holidays. See the colorful lights, feel the cold, crisp air, listen for children’s laughter, smell the pine trees and keep an eye out for kindness. When you focus on what is right with the world, everything gets easier.
Appreciate What You Have
If you’re waiting in line, on hold on the phone or looking for a parking space, use the time to think about what you already have. There’s always something to be grateful for: a healthy body that relishes in Jazzercise, clean water available with a flip of a handle, a safe car, a cozy bed, and your breath.
Make Memories
We all enjoy presents. This year, consider giving memories. Tickets to the theater, a sporting event or concert make wonderful gifts, but you can make memories for free. Make holiday cookies as a family or have everyone help with clearing snow. Focus on the experience instead of the “right way” or “fast way” to get the task done. Who knows, maybe a spontaneous snowball fight will break out.   
Write it and Forget it
If you feel like there’s too much to do and not enough time, try listing tasks in a calendar, including your workouts. Once you write them down, they’ll be out of your mind and you can relax knowing you’ve got it covered.
The holidays can be full of laughter, warmth and joy. Glide through them by focusing on your breath, making memories and noticing what’s good and right.
Judi Sheppard Missett, who turned her love of jazz dance into a worldwide dance exercise phenomenon, founded the Jazzercise dance fitness program in 1969. She has advanced the business opportunities of women and men in the fitness industry by growing the program into an international franchise business that today, hosts a network of 7,800 instructors teaching more than 32,000 classes weekly in 32 countries.
The workout program, which offers a fusion of jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, cardio box and Latin style movements, has positively affected millions of people worldwide. Benefits include increased cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility, as well as an overall "feel good" factor.  Additional Jazzercise programs include Junior Jazzercise, Jazzercise Lite and Personal Touch.  For more information on Jazzercise go to or call (800)FIT-IS-IT or (760)476-1750.
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