Back to School Means Back to Fitness

Those lazy, languid days of summer are gone. Back to school usually means back to chaos, but getting organized can streamline hectic schedules. Jazzercise Founder and CEO Judi Sheppard Missett says coordinating your calendar can lead to a routine of fulfilling commitments, and you may discover pockets of time that keep you healthy and satisfied.
Routine Makes Your World Go Around
Getting organized and developing a routine will get everyone to school on time and may reveal pockets of time. Make fitness just as important as the rest of your daily tasks and schedule time for your weekly workouts. Replace summer habits such as sleeping in with doing a quick home workout DVD or preparing a pre-packed healthy lunch to eat while you run errands.

Jazzercise Workout Schedule
It’s Okay to Say No
As a parent, your job is to protect your family. Health, financial obligations, homework, sports, activities, home-cooked meals and PTA meetings are some commitments worth moving to the top of the list. Think about what’s important to you, prioritize, and feel good about saying “no” if the request doesn't fit into your overall goals. Most important, don’t sacrifice your health and fitness.
Fun Family Activities
Engage in physical activities that the entire family can participate in. Go to an indoor pool during family hour, sign up to coach the kid’s soccer team one night a week, or take turns walking the dog. Bring your children to a community track with an enclosed fence and let them play ball or Frisbee while you walk, jog or run.
Energize with Jazzercise
Once you drop the kids off at school, take time for you and head to a Jazzercise class. According to the Mayo Clinic, being active can boost your feel-good endorphins and distract you from daily worries. If you have to head off to work, try fitting in a lunch hour class.

Jazzercise Dance Fitness Class
No Workout Time? No Worries!
With back to school commitments, fitting in hours for gym workouts may not be realistic. Figure out what you can accommodate in your schedule. 20 minutes? Do push ups and crunches while dinner is in the oven or set up a quick circuit course around the house. 30 minutes? Put an accelerated DVD workout in, do some yoga at home or take a brisk walk around the block. 60 minutes? Set your alarm an hour before the kids wake up and head off to a group exercise class. The moral support will get you through the early wake-up.  
Keep your Eye on the Prize
Remember why you do it. Some say raising a well-balanced, healthy child is the most important job in the world. Ensure you have the energy to keep up with them by taking this time for you and your health. Take a deep breath and be present. Listen to your child’s stories and laughter. It will fill your soul and be gone in a flash.

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If your local Jazzercise location doesn't offer a class time to accomodate your schedule, call the instructor and ask to be put on a mailing list for schedule changes. Let the instructor know what time slot would work best for you (and your friends). It never hurts to ask!
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