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Kansas City
Passionate people are the core of what makes us the best and longest running dance workout program. There are some amazing trainers and exceptional people that participate in our aerobics dance classes.  That’s why it became evident that we are doing a disservice by not showing them off to the world.

The “Spotlight” segments are meant to do just that. For the next several weeks, you can read about the stories from various Jazzercise locations and pull inspiration from the wonderful people in our community. Kicking off the spotlight series are three of our favorite workout locations in Kansas City. Check back to hear their stories.

The Aerobic Dance Program Near Me

Lenexa Center 12948 W. 87th St., Lenexa, KS  66209
Jazzercise at Lenexa Center is celebrating 20 years of being a beacon of aerobic dance fitness. Lenexa boasts a cool 40 weekly classes and 13 dedicated and experienced instructors.
After 20 years of housing the original dance fitness program, there have been some breathtaking stories of personal fitness. 
Mission Center—5311 Johnson Drive, Mission, KS  66205
Mission Center Jazzercise is no joke either. The stats you ask? 14 years, 40 classes weekly, 13 dedicated instructors. If you are into women’s fitness and are in Kansas City you cannot ignore those numbers. When you run the math, it implies millions of burnt calories. That’s more energy released than an atomic bomb. Learn about how Mission center is blowing up the aerobic workout world in the second spotlight segment to come.
Leawood Center—13006 State Line Rd, Leawood, KS  66209
Taking up the third spotlight segment is Leawood Center. It may be the newest of the three Jazzercise locations throughout Kansas City that is being highlighted in the spotlight, but the workout you will get is phenomenal. Take it from veteran instructor Sara, “I've been a part of Jazzercise for 14 years, the last 2 years as an instructor. Why have I stuck with it for so long? It's a challenging total body workout, great current music, and it's so FUN!  Can't beat that!”

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Melanie O'Donohure
I joined the Lenexa center in 2005. I have been an avid runner, weight lifter, aerobic dancer and now I totally dedicate my exercise routine to Jazzercise!! The BEST workout, instructors, fellow Jazzercisers and FUN anywhere!! I totally LOVE this place and the program!!
1/9/2013 3:21:51 PM
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