Lose the Holiday Excuses

bcfa27b17f40a08e16d48e5c9ac20c8b.jpgIt can be all too easy to cut back on exercise or skip it all together as our schedules—and bellies—become perpetually full during this busy and merry time of year. However, clinging to reasons why you can’t workout will only make it that much harder to jump back into a routine and get in shape come January. Fortunately, we have tips to help you resist holiday-induced exercise lethargy and stay in gear!

Top holiday workout excuses and their solutions:

I have no time: Perhaps the single most common—and valid—excuse for not working out during the holidays is that you are simply too busy. Between attending parties, trying to catch up with family and friends, and making lists then checking them twice, we understand how exercising can easily take a back seat to all the fun yet exhausting holiday cheer.

Solution: Resist the need to view your workouts as all-or-nothing events.  Instead, aim for 30 minutes a day and split the time up as necessary throughout your day.  For example, your holiday workout routine can be as simple as completing 15 minutes of a workout DVD (like our Jazzercise Dance HiiT) in the morning thena going for a brisk 15 minute walk at lunch. If you have several people you are attempting to catch up with, turn exercise into a social event by inviting friends or relatives for a walk or to a Jazzercise class then going out for lunch afterwards.

I’m too tired: With all the shopping sprees and holiday soirees taking place, ‘sleep-deprived’ is a common adjective many would use to describe themselves this month. When it boils down to choosing between getting up early to work out or continuing to hit the snooze button, opting for our warm beds is all too easy.

Solution: Ironically enough, the solution to beat feeling tired is to exercise! Not only does a good workout boost your energy levels, but regularly exercising also helps promote more profound sleep.  

It’s too cold outside: Cold, dark, and significantly shorter winter days don’t exactly lend themselves to an environment conducive to exercising, especially for those who typically exercise outdoors.

Solution: ‘Tis the season to finally get up early and complete your workout in the morning. Working out first thing in the day allows you to get your workout out of the way for the day, and the early morning daylight can help you feel more motivated.  If you like to exercise outdoors, bundle up and stay warm in some of our cozy and stylish winter exercise apparel. If you prefer to stay indoors where it’s already warm, you could always go to Jazzercise class or pop in our Dance HiiT DVD.

I’ll start in January: The cycle of indulging now, feeling guilty, then vowing to get back on track later may be all too familiar to some of us this time of year.

Solution: Start ASAP. While it’s tempting to wait just a few more weeks, the longer you are sedentary, the harder it will be to get moving again. Committing to a plan that you can implement right away and carry over into next year will help ensure that you form positive and long-lasting habits now.

I’m not feeling motivated: All of the above excuses can contribute to you having no desire to exercise. You could simply not feel excited about exercise, or you could also be stuck in a hurtful frame of mind in which you feel you have let yourself go too far for too long to even bother.

Solution: Start something new and fun that gets you pumped to work out so that exercise no longer feels like such a chore.  Also, it is important to note that exercise boosts endorphins, which help make us feel good about ourselves. As for changing your attitude towards yourself, imagine the best, healthiest, and happiest of yourself that you can, then write down concrete steps how you can make that happen. Set small, realistic goals for yourself and reward yourself as you achieve each one.

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