Staying True to Your Resolutions

Give the following strategies a try, and you may just keep this year’s resolution!

  • Stick with activities you enjoy. Don’t drag yourself into an indoor cycling class because it will burn a higher number of calories. If you really prefer dancing, do that instead. Experiment with several activities until you find a few that you truly enjoy and stick with them.

  • Keep a workout schedule. Write down the date, time and place where you intend to exercise. Treat exercise as you would any other important appointment.

  • Find an exercise buddy. Whether it’s your spouse, sibling, child or friend, an exercise partner can help keep your fitness program on track.

  • Mix and match your workouts. Cross training combats boredom while varying the physical demands placed on your body. If you run on Monday, scale back to a brisk walk, bicycle ride or low impact dance exercise class on Tuesday or Wednesday. You’ll feel better and reduce your risk of overuse injuries.

  • Use outside stimuli. Whether it’s great music, a scenic location or a fabulous instructor, the exercise atmosphere can do a lot to fuel your enthusiasm.

  • Set realistic goals. If you’ve been inactive for any period of time, make physical activity your first priority, not losing 50 pounds! Break large goals into small steps and take them one at a time.

You can start slowly with a few stretches. The following exercise can be done at work or at home and is helpful in preventing repetitive stress injuries, which are growing more common in today’s office environments.

Sit forward in your chair, and place your feet firmly on the floor. Lift your torso tall and press your shoulders down. Slowly turn your shoulders to one side, maintaining good posture as you do so. Stop when you feel a mild stretch in your waist and back. Hold for at least 10 seconds as you breathe naturally. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement to the opposite side. Repeat the sequence two or three times as desired.

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