Jazzercise…There’s an App for That!

Jazzercise, Inc. has gone mobile! Customers can now stay connected to Jazzercise wherever they go with the help of the free Jazzercise App, now available on iTunes and Android.

Jazzercise App - class schedule - iPhone
Jazzercise for iPhone:

Download the free Jazzercise mobile app 
for iPhone and discover how easy it is to 
check class schedules and more.

Jazzercise for Android:

Download the free Jazzercise mobile app 
for Android and discover how easy it is to 
search by your favorite instructor and more.
Get the app!
Jazzercise App - Android - Class Schedule
With the Jazzercise App, customers can:
  • - Find up-to-date class schedules
  • - Easily add a class to their calendar
  • - Check-in on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • - Search classes by their favorite instructors or class format
  • - See current promotions and information
  • - View facility hours and contact information

The App can either search by zip code or use current location to determine the closest Jazzercise facilities near you. 

Upgraded search functionality will be added to the Jazzercise App soon, along with other new features. Get connected!