Target Heart Rate

Jazzercise is a powerfully fun and effective workout that will lift your spirits and strengthen your heart, muscles, and core. You'll get a healthy dose of cardio, strength, and stretch moves in these high-energy exercise routines that will leave you feeling energized and refreshed. The following guidelines will help you get the most out of your workout. 

Your Target Heart Rate
Jazzercise recommends that you consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.
Your ideal exercise intensity, called your "exercise training zone," varies from an upper to a lower limit. Jazzercising above your upper limit increases risk of injury. Jazzercising below your lower limit decreases your exercise effectiveness. Any of the following three methods will help to ensure that you are exercising optimally and within your training zone.

1. Target Heart Rate Method
Your heart rate will reach 55 to 85 percent of maximum during the aerobic segment of class if you are exercising within your exercise training zone.
  • Subtract your age from 220 to determine your maximum heart rate.
  • Take 55 percent of your maximum heart rate to determine the lower limit of your exercise training zone.
  • Take 85 percent of your maximum heart rate to determine the upper limit of your exercise training zone.
  • Count your pulse beats for 6 seconds and multiply by 10. The pulse count should be within your exercise training zone.
2. Perceived Exertion Chart
Be aware of how you feel while you exercise. The exertion chart shown below will help you judge your intensity, and your instructor will have a chart posted in class. Monitor your breathing, heart rate, and muscle sensations. Look at the middle of the chart to find the phrase that best describes how an exercise feels to you. If you exercise between "Fairly Light" and "Hard," you are likely to be within your exercise training zone.

3. Talk Test

You should be able to talk comfortably while Jazzercising. During the aerobic segment your rate of breathing will increase, but should be deep and regular. If you are gasping for air or feel short of breath, slow down.